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    DoubleDutch Support

    Hi Christine,
    Thanks for posting in the support center! Great questions!

    Push messages: If the attendee has push notifications enabled on their device (configured in settings), he/she will get a notification on their home screen (it'll look kind of like a text message). This video - https://customersupport.doubledutch.me/hc/en-us/articles/205654218-Training-Video-Push-Notifications- will show you what that looks like.
    The number on their profile serves as a secondary notification in most cases, and is there as a way to make sure all attendees get the message even if notifications are off on their device.
    Test messages: The app will cache content on the device so that attendees can use the app in "offline mode". Essentially if they don't have internet access, they'll still be able to see all the content. If you were testing messages and thus far were the only one using the app, those messages will only store on your device, so no worries about future users seeing them since they won't have logged in yet while you're still testing.
    Social: There are 2 places where you can utilize social. Attendees can have their Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn profiles show on their profile in the app. Other attendees can tap on the social icon and be taken to the social profile. This enables attendees to connect and learn more about fellow attendees outside the app. At any time, attendees can enable/disable that by going to their profile and tapping the icon. If it turns blue, your social profile is being shared; if it's gray, it is not.

    Secondly, when posting a status update, users will also see the social icons and if they tap on one of those to "enable it" with that specific update, when they post in the app, that same update will be shared to their social site.

    Twitter error message: If you let us know what the error is, we'll be happy to help!

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    Christine Fuchs

    Thanks for the quick response! A few follow up questions below:

    Test message - What if we had sent a message to the attendees and then wanted to delete it? Would it still be showing up in their apps?
    Social - the error I receive when trying to post my message to twitter is "Tween didn't go through. You are either posting to Twitter too fast or posting a duplicate"
    I unselected the LinkedIn option from my profile, but it still says I am Connected to LinkedIn and the wording is highlighted blue.

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    DoubleDutch Support

    Hi Christine,
    If it was a test push notification, that will stay in the notification center unless you delete your attendees that have not yet logged in and reimport. That will clear all the activity saved to their profile. Our team will be happy to provide more guidance on this if you need help. A best practice if you're testing notifications is to create an attendee group and assign yourself and any other team members that are testing to that group. When you create the push notification, you can select to send it to just that group.
    Regarding Twitter, if you go to your main phone settings and disconnect your Twitter account and sign in again, that should remove that error.
    For LinkedIn, I will open up a support ticket for you and we can help you troubleshoot that directly with you over email.

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