Hey DoubleDutch! Are you listening?



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    Angela Potter

    Hi Tina,

    This is Angela from the DoubleDutch product team. Though we don't always get a chance respond, please know that we read every request! We're thankful that our customers are so passionate about our product and take the time to give feedback. It's really helpful as we're deciding what features to build out next.

    I understand it can be frustrating to feel like you're shouting into a void. We'll do better in the future to let you know we hear you, even if we can't prioritize every feature request.

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    Todd Lockhart

    While I can attest that they are definitely listening, your point is still valid. With no obvious response to many of the posts out there, it is impossible to know that anyone is actively and consistently listening - and you don't want your customers thinking that you aren't.

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    Tina Queen

    Thanks for responding, Angela.  Good to know that someone is monitoring the feed.  However, "Though we don't always get a chance to respond, know that we read every request" is not really the right answer and is basically a cop-out for not actually responding. We work with other tech companies that religiously answer every post and keep their customers up-to-date on what is happening as far as product development.  That's why we continue to work with them.  

    It would be helpful to know what features are in the pipeline.  Adding a simple response such as "no, this is not being considered at this time" or "this feature is in the works and will be released by third quarter" or "if we get enough interest in this from other customers, we'll consider adding the feature" would provide your customers with some idea of what is happening on the product development side and an approximate timeline.

    Please take this as constructive criticism, meant to help DoubleDutch move forward.  Again, thanks for listening.  I hope to see lots more responses from DoubleDutch in this area in the future. 


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