Optional email notification on all messaging



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    Angela Potter

    Hi William,

    This is Angela from the DoubleDutch product team. Thanks so much for taking the time to give feedback. We're currently planning a project to revamp how messaging notifications work in the app, which should make it much easier to see when you've received a message. We're taking a look at email notifications as well, but haven't yet finalized the scope or timeline for this project. We'll be able to share more details soon!

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    Tina Queen

    I also have customers asking about better notification when direct messages are sent to them. With the new app format that was introduced earlier this year, it's good to see the Messages feature anchored on the menu bar at the bottom which makes it easier to see if you have messages.  However, the ideal situation would be to have message notifications pushed to the notification screen of the user's device, the same way push notifications are sent.

    Is there any update on a timeline or enhancements that you can share to the community?

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    Todd Lockhart


    We think alike once again. The idea of a unified notification page was something I brought up with Angela and Marta also, and I continue to think it's the best approach - giving users a quick overview of everything that's important/actionable.

    Would love to hear what progress has been made based on what was seen and discussed... any news, Angela?



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    Angela Potter

    Hi all,

    Thanks for checking in! We're still working on the Unified Messaging project, which would surface messaging notifications to attendees in a way that's more consistent with other notifications in the app. This includes getting consistent push notifications for new messages, and seeing a red dot on the Messages section when something is unread. We don't have an estimated release date yet, but hope to have one for you soon.

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