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    Angela Potter

    Hi Tina,

    We're currently working on the ability to embed a YouTube video in a Promoted Post, and hope to be able to announce this in the next couple of months.

    We're also looking into options to allow attendees to record and post short videos in Status Updates, but don't have a timeline yet. We'll let you know when we have more details!

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    Kyle Fisher

    That and animated Gifs would be very well recieved.

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    Angela Potter (Edited )

    Hi Tina and Kyle,

    This is Angela from the DoubleDutch product team. Our dev team is currently looking into options around how we can incorporate video into the app. We should have a better idea of our timeline soon, so stay tuned!

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    Tina Queen

    Checking back to see if there has been any progress or timeline regarding adding videos to the Activity Feed.  Thanks!

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    Stahl Emilly

    Hello DD,

    We are also waiting this feature for video since 2016, not just Youtube but mainly to be able to post videos directly from the cellphone.

    Could you please share a roadpmap/timeline when this will be tested and implemented?

    Thank you!

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    Nick Ricci

    Hi all - 

    Just checking in on the progress of animated gifs and/or videos being able to be posted to the activity feed. Our event is in April, and I know we've been asking for a few years, and our users really expect it now. Hoping!

    - Nick

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