Batch edit : Personal Agenda (Session IDs)



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    Todd Lockhart

    Peter, can you elaborate on what you mean here?

    By default, the import process functions as both import and batch update. If there are new registrants, these will be imported; and, if there are changes in the import file to existing registrants, these will be edited/updated en masse.

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    Peter Chen

    Today we’re relying on excel for this type of batch operations.


    But I imagined we can do this on the UI ?


    1. Shift + click on multiple contacts
    2. Assign them to a session in a batch

    This is the most user friendly & intuitive way in my opinion.

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    Todd Lockhart

    I'm not sure, but I think your use case likely varies from many. For our meetings, and likely for most other folks, the data is already collected in another system and simply needs to be exported (and likely manipulated, depending upon data structure and type) to get it in a format usable by DoubleDutch.

    I'd agree that it's not necessarily the easiest thing to manage registrant session selections this way, but I'm not sure it would be any easier using a visual selection and batch assignment in the CMS.

    Our meetings can have 10+ session selections per registrant and up to 1,200 registrants, so the sheer number of permutations would make the method you suggest rather unwieldy.

    It could be useful for events with less than a handful of sessions and/or a very small number of registrants, though. Will be interesting to see how many other DD users out there fit that demographic and up-vote this suggestion.

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