Can attendees be added without any password?



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    DoubleDutch Support (Edited )

    Hi Daniel,

    Great question!  When you add an attendee to your list in the CMS, you either need to assign a password, or if you're using the import template you can assign the same password to all your users, or you can create a random password for each attendee using the random function in excel (RAND).  In either case, the password is included in the Welcome Email you can send to each attendee.

    We'll be sure to also share you feedback with our product team for consideration as as future usability enhancement.

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    Will Sharp

    This would be an extremely helpful feature for my company as well. This is currently the most bumpy part of getting the app into our attendees hands.

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    DoubleDutch Support

    Hi Will,

    We recently released an update to the login process that we believe will make the login process much more streamlined (we agree- noone likes to have to remember passwords!)

    All new apps on our platform will automatically have this, but if you have an existing app that you'd like updated to include this, just let us know!

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