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    Hi Rene,

    This is an excellent question! At the moment, setting Attendee Groups in the CMS is the only option for segmenting attendees to send push notifications. In addition, push notifications may not be the best medium to send out a quiz. Attendees have the option to accept or decline push notifications for the app, which will limit the amount of attendees that will see the push notification to take a quiz.

    The content in the Session Details of a Session in the Agenda section of the app is identical for all attendees. One way of showing different Session Details to specific groups of attendees would be to use Personal Agendas. With this option, attendees can be assigned specific sessions that other attendees cannot see. This option adds a bit more complexity to your setup and requires assignment of personal agendas to your attendees. However, this would allow your select attendees to view the quiz link while other attendees do not.

    More information on Personal Agendas can be found HERE

    Happy New Year!
    The DoubleDutch Team

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