Ice Breaker Espionage




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    Julien Meinrad

    We tested this feature with a group of 10 people and here are our comments and suggestions:

    - game should be made easier; maybe only one method to eliminate other participants? Same method for everyone.

    - method could be "take a pic of your target, and post it on the newsfeed with hashtag #IceBreakerEspionage" instead of handling business card or placing a sticker, as these last 2 are too easy to spot for the 'victim'. Also people might be afraid to accept business card just to win the game...?

    - one the pic would be taken, the 'agent' has to go and talk with his/her 'victim' to get the secret code from their phone, which makes people network / break ice etc.

    - to get the QR Code instead of 'secret code' it could be called 'click if you were eliminated'

    - instead of "confirm mission complete" > "target captured? scan your victim's code..."

    Otherwise, the gamification concept is awesome.

    Of course would be even more awesome with location activated (pokemon go...)


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    Thanks for the feedback, Julien! We're always looking to improve our features, especially new ones like this. We'll definitely keep this in consideration as newer versions of Ice Breaker Espionage are released.

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