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    Osman Erzinclioglu

    It would be helpful if you included the specs from that media assets article right here in the customer support centre. Also, you should note the ideal DPI settings for each of those images. Indicating the dimensions without indicating the ideal DPI leaves it a bit ambiguous.

    I think the easiest thing, actually, would be to include a link to .zip file that contains PSD template files with the correct sizes, DPI settings, and guides to indicate where the logos should be placed and what margins, if any, should remain. That would remove all ambiguity.

    I'd be happy to create those if some example images and the correct DPI settings can be provided.

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    DoubleDutch Support

    Hi Osman,


    Thank you for the suggestions!  We periodically audit our help center material so we'll be sure to take your feedback into consideration for future updates!

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    Osman Erzinclioglu

    Great! Thanks, Nicole! I really think that a set of templates would make the process easier, but in the meantime, is there any way you could provide the ideal DPI settings for those image assets and some examples? That would help a lot.

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    Osman Erzinclioglu

    As it turns out, a lot of this information is available once you have access to the CMS – something I didn't have until a couple of days ago.

    If I remember correctly, all the files need to be in PNG format and 72 DPI. I think this article, and the article which outlines the image dimensions, should be updated to include those details.

    Similarly, the importance of setting up a Google Play Developer Account wasn't underscored prior to our gaining access to the CMS. Since some companies might want to run the terms associated with that account through their legal teams, I think it would be better to mention that as early as possible.

    Also, underscore the importance of preparing three app names, which is a requirement in the CMS, and does appear in an image above, but isn't outlined above or in the app assembly articles.

    Finally, I found the onboarding process in the CMS peculiar in that the initial setup process isn't complete until an event is created. I'm not sure if that's because the app can't be launched without an event. If that's the case, it would be better to make that clear in this article. (I'd prefer to see event creation separated entirely if it's not required for the actual launch to the App Store/Play Store.)

    The event setup requires additional images which can hold up setup and, therefore, launch to the App Store/Play Store, if you don't have them ready. Those additional images are:

    1. A 512 by 512 pixel PNG event icon (72 DPI).
    2. A 60 pixel height by 300 pixel width PNG event banner (72 DPI).

    I think a little bit of clean-up on these articles would help make the onboarding process a bit simpler for new clients who are waiting to gain access to the CMS and who would like to do some pre-work.

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