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    Jordan Paluch

    Will we need to give speakers multiple links to view results for each poll if we would like to include multiple polls on one session?

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    Phil (Edited )

    Hi Jordan,

    Great question! That is correct, if you have multiple polls attached to a single session, you will have to give each speaker the relevant results link to use for each poll during their talk/presentation.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions!

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    Derek Manuel

    Is there a way we can remove the Global Polls from the activity feed? We only want them to appear in the Polls section.

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    DoubleDutch Support

    Hi Derek,
    Thanks for posting your question! Any polls that are set to global will appear in both places to allow for maximum exposure to app users. Have a great day!

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    B Byrd

    If it annoys you to have the Global Polls clogging up the TOP of the activity feed (like it does me) - here's a solution I just implemented: I made an agenda item spanning the conference weekend that's called "Take our polls." Then associate all your polls with that option instead of being global, and they'll go away from the activity feed.

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