Working with Agenda Sessions




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    Guillame Bonnet

    On the user end it looks like the filter are "OR"
    it would be great that they are "AND" that will help to funnel down the number of content you see if you increase the number of filters you select
    is it possible to make filer "AND" (ie intersection rather than addition)

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    DoubleDutch Support

    Hi Guillaume! The filters do function as "OR" so users will be able to see any combination of what they select - Option A, Option B, or a session that has A&B associated. Based on your event, if you know you'll have users looking for a very specific combination, we'd recommend creating a filter option that accounts for that so users can just choose that filter.
    So, based on the previous example, if you know some of your users will be specifically looking for A&B combined, assign a filter to those appropriate sessions that is Option C. Hope that helps!

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