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    Markus Esaias

    Poll results by user:
    Shows each poll questions and each attendee's response

    No information about the data fields per attendee.
    No information, about customizing this reports to get the needed infos.

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    Hi Markus,
    In the polls report we show the name, email address, and ID of each attendee that answered a poll question. If you are interested in combining that with additional attendee information, you can export your attendee data from the CMS (go to the attendee list -> actions -> export), and use the ID to combine the data sets.

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    Alex Dunne

    Hi Markus - I'm the product manager for data/analytics at DoubleDutch.

    I'm making a series of changes to the exportable reports. Adding attendee data fields to reports is one of my objectives.

    Look for changes coming in the May/June timeframe.

    Thanks much for your feedback!

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    Kimberly Nacrelli

    I see in the summary bar at the top of the Event Performance page, information about iOS, Android and HTML5 usage, but where can I get the actual numbers of the types of devices used to download/engage vs. just percentages? Reason being...Android shows 0% for my event, but I know there were Android users that downloaded and I need that number, even though it is small.

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    Alex Dunne

    Hi Kim! The exportable report you want is called "Visits Per Day by App Type". That has the number of visits by mobile platform, broken down by day. If you suspect something is not being captured in that report, let us know. We can run a custom report and dig into it further.

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    DoubleDutch User

    Hi there,

    In the useractivity excel sheet, it is written Total Actions taken (column AS), what does it mean? Is it the number of "click", change pages?

    Thank you in advance

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    Osman Erzinclioglu

    A little formatting on the tables in this article – and the other articles that contain tables – would go a long way to make the content easier to read. (Borders, alternating row colors, header rows, a little padding in the cells.)

    Just a suggestion.

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    DoubleDutch Support

    Hi Osman,

    Thank you for posting in the Support Center! Your feedback has been heard, loud and clear. We've updated the tables and have adjusted the rows and fixed the border issue.

    We greatly appreciate your feedback and thank you for the suggestion! 


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    Osman Erzinclioglu

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