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    James Ortega

    This only works for an exhibitor area. What about the rest of the conference area? Also, only rectangles are allowed to be created over Booth areas. What if it is a different polygon shape besides a rectangle?

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    DoubleDutch Support

    HI James,
    Thanks so much for posting your question and feedback.

    If you have booths that are not shaped in an exact format that the editor provides, we recommend making a "best fit" shape using the map tool.  

    The interactivity is only currently supported for the exhibitor area. We do have a section in our discussion boards where a few other customers have posted thoughts and suggestions on enhancing this functionality - please feel free to contribute your ideas here as well (or vote on ideas already submitted):

    In the interim, if you have other maps you want to include, you can do so by uploading a PDF or linking to a hosted files online of your event space.

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    Jessica Highley

    Can you have more than one interactive map section?  We have one for our exhibit area but we would also like one for the second exhibit area but don't want it listed as a separate floor.

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    DoubleDutch Support

    Hi Jessica, 

    At this time, the app can only contain one interactive map section, though, as you've seen, you can add separate floors to that to segment different areas of your exhibitors.  If you haven't already done so, please do check out where you can post ideas and feedback for future updates to the DoubleDutch platform.  We'd love for you to share your thoughts!

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