2017.06.09 Release Notes




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    Jeannie Power

    This is a great feature! Looking forward to using it!

    I do want to mention that the instructions for Android are different the feature is much more hidden from the attendee

    For example, In Android you must click the status update for the person you wish to mute. Then you must click on the speech bubble, as if you were making a comment in order to make the flag appear. This action will most likely not be taken by the attendee, because if you don't want to see someone's posts you're going to try to ignore them, not comment on them. 

    Then the flag has 2 options which appear only after clicking the flag, "flag this update" or  "Mute Updated from ____." Most people will not click the flag because the perception of the flag is that they are reporting the user for offensive content.  They won't know clicking the flag brings up additional options.


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    Hi Jeannie,

    On Android, you can actually access the post without clicking the comment bubble. By clicking on the post, it will take you to the screen where you should see the flag option. Then by clicking on the flag, it will allow you to either flag the post or mute the attendee.

    However, this does bring up another issue. We've noticed that, on Android, posts with photos do not function this way. Our Engineering team is fixing this though.


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