2017.06.30 Release Notes




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    Rob Blackford

    Hi Bryan -

    The information in the 'Discover More' section seems handy... unfortunately, it also seems to be creating a UI interface issue.

    I work on a 13" MacBook Pro... at that screen size, the addition of the 'Discover More' button to the page header navigation causes the title of our event to wrap to a second line. In this scenario, the height of the header doubles, yet the page content beneath it does not shift correspondingly.

    As a result, the functionality links at the top of the left-side navigation menu are covered, with no ability to scroll up or down to access them. Screenshot attached.

    Can an adjustment be made so that the to navigation menu is responsive?



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    Bryan (Edited )

    Hi Rob,

    Thank you for the feedback. Our team has noticed this as well and is deploying a fix very soon. It will no longer be an issue in the near future.


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